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CA PPM: Audit Trail is not update properly for Attribute type Multivalued lookup with NSQL query


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When an attribute is associated with this lookup and attribute is audit enabled, a function is created with the following syntax: "ODF_AUD_<LookupId>_FCT". The SQL function wraps the NSQL query of lookup and returns a value.

When the NSQL query of a Multivalued lookup is modified the Audit Function is not updated.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a lookup (Administration --> Lookups --> New) with dynamic Query and Save the lookup
  2. From any object (Eg: Project), create a multivalued attribute on this lookup
  3. Audit Enable the attribute.
  4. Modify the values and observe the Audit results
  5. Modify the lookup created in step 1 by modifying the NSQL query and Save
  6. Perform some changes on the Attribute values and check the Audit Results

Expected Results: The Audit Results should be inline with the return value of the NSQL query; The Audit Function in the database should be properly modified.
Actual Results: The Audit Results returns corrupt data; The Audit Function in the database in not properly modified.



Double saving the NSQL Query should actually solve the issue.

First Save of NSQL Query does not modify the function as the Cache is not refreshed.

Add a line break or an extra space to the query and Save it again. This should refresh the cache with the query in First Step (Essentially the same query, without a line break)


This has been documented as CLRT-75782 and is in review with development.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


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