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Endpoint Protection for Linux - Copy Auto-protect drivers to other endpoints


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Endpoint Protection


This article outlines the steps needed to copy the auto-protect kernel specific drivers from one Linux client computer to another. This procedure is typically a requirement when the Linux administrator does not wish to install development prerequisites onto each Linux operating system to create these drivers during the Symantec Endpoint Protection for Linux client installation on each computer. Following the procedure outlined below, a Linux admin can copy the proper kernel drivers from one Linux install to another, assuming the computers are both running the same kernel version to allow the Endpoint Protection for Linux auto-protect module to operate correctly.


Copying Auto-Protect Kernel Drivers

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Enter cd /opt/Symantec/autoprotect
  3. Look for the symev-custom-{RUNNING_KERNEL.EN_US}.ko and symap-custom-{RUNNING_KERNEL.EN_US}.ko driver files. These files are typically the newest in the directory, so sorting the files by date/time may be helpful.
  4. Copy the files to an external storage device or network share.
  5. Install Endpoint Protection for Linux client on the other computer. Once the auto-compile process has failed, copy the ko drivers from Step 3&4 into the /opt/Symantec/autoprotect directory
  6. Reboot the Linux client to complete the installation. 

Note: The Endpoint Protection for Linux client must download content via Live Update before the Auto-Protect module will report as functioning correctly.