ProxySG with different categorization for a URL
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ProxySG with different categorization for a URL


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


You may notice at times when a URL is categorized by the dynamic Web pulse system (Not an established URL), it is not categorized the same on different Proxies. 



This is expected behavior since this URL is a real-time categorization each Proxy would try to do the categorization independently so if one gets a different response from the web server it could return different category. 

In addition, each URL is also analyzed independently so small changes in path/protocol can also affect real-time categorization which can lead to a different categorization.

When we manually add a site to the database we usually categorize the whole domain/site but when it goes to WebPulse (real-time categorization), it categorizes each page/directory independently so different pages on a domain can have different categories.



If you have our Webpulse team manually categorize this URL by following this article TECH242950 and then pushed down to local Proxies you would see the same results on both Proxies.