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Allow Access to a Reddit sub-page but block access to Reddit main domain


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


  • How to whitelist a Reddit subpage, but block access to the Reddit main domain.
  • A rule that allows access to the subpage; the connection will still fail if is blocked when SSL intercept is enabled.


The explicit connection in explicit deployment the Proxy first performs a connect (this is the connection between the client and Proxy) request needs to be allowed. 


  • This solution is for Proxy in an explicit environment with SSL Intercept enabled for 


The following solution is based on allowing the /worldnews subpage on reddit and blocking the rest of the domain. 

Add the following CPL code to a local policy file  on the ProxySG

Check Add CPL to a local policy file on the ProxySG

    ALLOW http.method=CONNECT url.domain=//
    ALLOW url.domain=//
    DENY url.domain=//