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Protection Engine hotfix for scan timeouts, improperly displayed Korean characters and service hangs under specific conditions


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS


  1. Protection engine server appears to hang until service restart.
  2. Korean characters are not being exported correctly in Windows Event Viewer when exporting detailed reports to CSV.
  3. Enhancement that will honor configured scan timeout value using monitoring threads. This resolves an issue where does not honor the timeout value set, resulting in NetApp filers denying access when large files are sent for scanning.


Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) 8.0.0 is installed.


These fixes are available in SPE 8.0.1, released on 9/4/2020.

A hotfix is also available to address these issues. Please see the attached file Refer to the Readme_first.txt for instructions to apply and configure the patch.

Also attached is an example category3.xml that sets the values for the timeout feature added with this hotfix. The category3.xml attached sets a timeout value of 20 seconds, and sets the preferences to allow files when this timeout is reached. These values can be adjusted to the preference of the organization by editting the attached category3.xml.


To confirm whether the hotfix is already in place on Windows

  1. Do one of the following:
    • At the powershell prompt, type:
      (Get-Item -Path 'C:\Program Files\Symantec\Scan Engine\symcscan.exe').VersionInfo | Format-List -Force 

    • OR, verify in Windows Explorer
      1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Symantec\Scan Engine
      2. Right click on symcscan.exe
      3. Click Properties
      4. On the Details tab, examine the File version field

  1. If the file version is 8.0.0-44, the original build of 8.0.0 has not been hotfixed.
  2. If the file version is 8.0.0-55, the hotfix build for 8.0.0HF06 is in place.

Additional Information

Wrong version? If you experience service hangs of SPE 7.9.1 instead, please see:

Title: 175834 - Protection engine server hangs until service restart


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