Adding and Enabling an SNMP Service and SNMP Listeners on ProxySG or ASG
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Adding and Enabling an SNMP Service and SNMP Listeners on ProxySG or ASG


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


There is one disabled SNMP listener defined by default on the appliance, which you can delete or enable, as needed. You can also add additional SNMP services and listeners. Although you can configure traps and informs to go out if all the SNMP listeners are deleted or disabled, configuring SNMP listeners sets up the UDP ports the appliance uses to listen for SNMP commands. The service ports set up for listening to SNMP requests are independent of the trap or inform addresses and ports specified for sending traps.


To add and enable an SNMP service and listeners:

  1. Select the Configuration > Services > Management Services tab.
  2. Click Add. The New Service dialog displays.
    • Enter a name for the SNMP Service.
    • In the Services drop-down list, select SNMP.
    • Click New. The New Listener dialog displays.
  3. In the New Listener dialog configure the following:
    • In the Destination addresses area, select All SG IP addresses or select IP Address and select a specific IP address from the drop-down list. The IP address can be either IPv4 or IPv6.
    • Enter the port for this listener.
    • Select Enabled to enable this listener.
    • Click OK to close the New Listener dialog, then click OK again to close the New Service dialog.
  4. Click Apply