Change appliance/host name in Management Center
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Change appliance/host name in Management Center


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Management Center


When I connect to my Management Center using the browser or the SSH console I'm seeing the hostname appear as the default "bccm_x_xx-x86_64.localdomain" and I would like to change this.


In order to change the appliance/host name we will need to connect to the appliance using SSH. This can be done by using any SSH utility and specifying the IP address of the management and using the default port of 22.

Once connected to the SSH console we will use the following commands in sequence to change the hostname. Replacing "" with the actual appliance name and domain name, domain name is not required and is optional.

  1. enable
  2. configure
  3. appliance-name


The change to the host name will be immediately reflected in the CLI however this change will not be reflected in the browser. To have the name change reflected in the browser we will need to restart the management services. This can be done using the following CLI commands:

  1. enable
  2. system-services restart management-center