Licensed Programs section of Resource Manager doesn't show all Software
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Licensed Programs section of Resource Manager doesn't show all Software


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Inventory Solution


By default, we do not show any software that is set to "hidden" from Add Remove Programs.


If you need all software to show, regardless of the state in Add Remove Programs, please walk through this process. Note that any repair or upgrade will revert the changes and they will need to be done again.

  1. In SQL Management Studio, browse under the database, under Programmability.
  2. Right-click on Stored Procedures and choose Filter > Filter Settings.
  3. Under Name put: spGetFullPageLicencedProgramsSection and click OK.
  4. Expand the Stored Procedure folder and Right-click on the found SP > Select Script Stored Procedure as > ALTER To > File.
  5. Give it a file name and save to a location you can access later if needed.
  6. In a New Query window, paste the following SQL and execute it:
    1. ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spGetFullPageLicencedProgramsSection]
      @resourceGuid uniqueidentifier,
      @installedOnly bit = 1
      declare @c integer
      select @c = count(*) from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.[TABLES]
      where TABLE_NAME in ('Inv_AddRemoveProgram','Inv_Software_Component')

      if @c = 2
      select a._SoftwareComponentGuid, a.[DisplayName], b.[Version], a.[InstallFlag]
      from Inv_AddRemoveProgram a
      inner join vInstalledItem i
      on a._ResourceGuid = i.Guid
      and a._ResourceGuid = @resourceGuid
      --and a.Hidden = 0
      and (@installedOnly = 0 or a.InstallFlag = 1)
      left join Inv_Software_Component b
      on a._SoftwareComponentGuid = b._ResourceGuid
      order by [DisplayName]
  7. Done!