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Running CA Common Services r14.1 with CAIRIM PTF RO69205 installed, the CAS9SAFC load module (located in cai.CAW0LINK) and related source (located in cai.CAW0SAMP) no longer contain the default resource classes in the translation table. As a result you may have some questions like:

  1. Do these classes exist elsewhere or have they been removed all together?
  2. How do I make changes to the previously defined default tables or how to go about defining new custom tables?



In previous releases, after CCS was installed, if you were using CAISSF for IBM RACF and you needed to make changes to resource classes used by CA products, you were required to install a user modification (ie. CAS9MOD). This modification updated class tables that were embedded within CAS9RACL and CAS9SAFC.

Beginning with release 14.1 we introduce control statements in the CAIRIM initialization routine to replace that USERMOD. Now after the installation, you identify IBM RACF class table values in your existing user modification and code the necessary parameters using CAIRIM control statements. Default class table values are still defined so you only need to modify or add class tables if this is something you did previously. The new control statements are defined in a standard FB 80-byte file and are identified to the CAS9 procedure by a new CAIRACF DD statement. The syntax of this new control statement is as follows:

RACFCLASS CA-solution classname,translated classname, FASTAUTH=NO|YES,CICS=NO|YES

Refer to the CA Common Services r14.1 documentation for related information.

Here is an example of what the Resource Translation Table looked like in the CAS9SAFC source member previously delivered. Here you can see the various class table values. One common change that customers made was to change the resource check from a FASTAUTH check. A FASTAUTH check is made if the 4th column contains a x'80' as can be seen below for resource class CAADMIN and others.


RESTABLE DS    0F                                                       00040800
         DC    C' DEFAULT',C' [email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00040900
*        BELOW USED BY VIEWPOINT                                        00041000
         DC    C'ACAPPL  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041100
         DC    C'ACCBPROC',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041200
         DC    C'ACDIALOG',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041300
         DC    C'ACLIST  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041400
         DC    C'ACMSG   ',C'[email protected]   ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041500
         DC    C'ACPANEL ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041600
         DC    C'ACREPORT',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041700
         DC    C'ACSQL   ',C'[email protected]   ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00041800
*        BELOW USED BY ????                                             00041900
         DC    C'CAADMIN ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00042000
         DC    C'CACMD   ',C'[email protected]   ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'  TD46501 00042100
*        DC    C'CACMD   ',C'[email protected]   ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'  T62T649 00042200
*        BELOW USED BY APCDDS                                           00042300
         DC    C'CADDS   ',C'CA$DS   ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00042400
*        BELOW USED BY ????                                             00042500
         DC    C'CADOC   ',C'[email protected]   ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00042600
*        BELOW USED BY LIBRARIAN                                        00042700
         DC    C'CALIBMEM',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00042800
         DC    C'CACCFDSN',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00042900
         DC    C'CACCFMEM',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00043000
*        BELOW USED BY DISPATCH                                         00043100
         DC    C'CAREPORT',C'CA$EPORT',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00043200
*        BELOW USED BY CA-1 & CA-TLMS                                   00043300
         DC    C'CATAPE  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00043400
*        BELOW USED BY VMAN 3.0                                         00043500
         DC    C'CAVAPPL ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00043600
*        BELOW USED BY DOCVIEW                                          00043700
         DC    C'DOCVIEW ',C'DOCVIEW ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00043800
*        BELOW USED BY ????                                             00043900
         DC    C'CALENDAR',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00' CA-7     00044000
         DC    C'DTSYSTEM',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044100
         DC    C'DTADMIN ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044200
         DC    C'DTTABLE ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044300
         DC    C'DTUTIL  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044400
         DC    C'DUC     ',C'TD$CTRN ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044500
         DC    C'JOBNAME ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00044600
         DC    C'MICCMD  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044700
         DC    C'OPCMD   ',C'[email protected]   ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044800
         DC    C'PANEL   ',C'[email protected]   ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00044900
         DC    C'RECIPID ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00045000
         DC    C'SCHEDULE',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00045100
*        DC    C'SUBMIT  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'          00045200
         DC    C'SUBMIT  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'  T62T649 00045300
         DC    C'STATION ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00045400
*                                                                       00045500
         DC    C'DXTABLE ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'  TB49543 00045600
         DC    C'DCTABLE ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'  TB49543 00045700
         DC    C'DFTABLE ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'  TB49543 00045800
         DC    C'DRTABLE ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'  TB49543 00045900
         DC    C'DSTABLE ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'  TB49543 00046000
*        BELOW USED BY Scheduler                                T62T649 00046100
         DC    C'CALENDAR',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'  T62T649 00046200
         DC    C'DATETAB ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'  T62T649 00046300
*        BELOW USED BY UNIVERSE                                         00046400
         DC    C'UNVEDIT ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00046500
         DC    C'UNVRPRT ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00046600
         DC    C'UNVPGM  ',C'[email protected]  ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00046700
*        BELOW USED BY VMAN                                             00046800
         DC    C'VMANAPPL',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00046900
         DC    C'VTRMNODE',C'[email protected]',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00047000
RESTBEND DC    C'ZZZZZZZZ',C'ZZZZZZZZ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'          00047100
         EJECT                                                          00047200


The new method involving the use of the RACFCLASS control statement would require the following statement to change PANEL to NOT issue a FASTAUTH check:


The Release Notes provides a nice diagram of the default dynamic table as shown here:

CA Solution Class NameTranslated Class NameFASTAUTHUsed by CICS
ACAPPL[email protected]  
ACCBPROC[email protected]  
ACDIALOG[email protected]  
ACLIST[email protected]  
ACMSG[email protected]  
ACPANEL[email protected]  
ACREPORT[email protected]  
ACSQL[email protected]  
CAADMIN[email protected]YES 
CACCFDSN[email protected]  
CACCFMEM[email protected]  
CACMD[email protected]YESYES
CADOC[email protected]  
CALENDAR[email protected]YES 
CALIBMEM[email protected]  
CAREPORT[email protected]YES 
CATAPE[email protected]YES 
CAVAPPL[email protected]  
DATETAB[email protected]  
DCTABLE[email protected]YES 
DFTABLE[email protected]YES 
DRTABLE[email protected]YES 
DSTABLE[email protected]YES 
DTADMIN[email protected]YES 
DTSYSTEM[email protected]YES 
DTTABLE[email protected]YES 
DTUTIL[email protected]YES 
DXTABLE[email protected]YES 
JOBNAME[email protected]  
MICCMD[email protected]YES 
OPCMD[email protected]YES 
PANEL[email protected]YES 
RECIPID[email protected]YES 
SCHEDULE[email protected]  
STATION[email protected]  
SUBMIT[email protected]  
UNVEDIT[email protected]  
UNVRPRT[email protected]  
UNVPGM[email protected]  
VMANAPPL[email protected]  
VTRMNODE[email protected]  


Release: CA90SV00200-14.1-Common Services-for z/OS

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