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Clarity: Auto-start process changes can be overwritten if the user that auto-starts the process clicks save instead of submit


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If a user auto-starts a process (create or update) and clicks on save instead of submit and then makes a change to a field that the process has already changed and clicks save or submit, the value written by the process will be overwritten by the user update. This happens even if the field is changed to read-only or locked by the process.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity with global rights, Create a new project

  2. Create a process which will Lock any attribute in the project properties page

  3. Open a project and note the value for that attribute. If it blank, add or choose a value and save it

  4. Open a second browser window and run the process you created

  5. After the process completes use the second window to see that the field is now read-only

  6. Now go back to the first window, change the value for the field you locked, and save it

  7. Refresh the second window. You will see that even though the field you chose is Locked by the process, it was updated by the change you made to your first window

Expected Result: The field should retain the value that was written/locked by the process

Actual Result: The field value is updated by whatever value is in the field of the first window the next time the user clicks save or submit



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus




Click 'Submit' button instead of 'Save' button.


Resolved in Clarity 13.3