Cancel all remaining Change Order/Request Tasks within SDM if a task is Rejected or stuck in Waiting state


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Consider the following scenario:

A Change Order or Request with multiple Tasks flows in a normal process, with tasks being approved, until one of them is Rejected.

The remaining Tasks are in a Pending status and the Change Order/Request cannot be closed because there are Tasks to be completed (CA SDM will not allow a Change Order to be closed with tasks to be completed).

Why are the remaining tasks not cancelled immediately? How can they be cancelled?


Release: 14.1 and higher
Component: CA Service Desk Manager


CA Service Desk (SDM) does not cancel the remaining tasks if one of them is Rejected. There is no way to configure such behavior out of the box.

Although there is a Cancelled status for Change Order/Request Tasks, this only affects the one task itself and not the rest of the workflow.

The way to achieve this is to have the Change Order/Request cancelled; have the status of the Change Order/Request ticket set to Cancelled. This will automatically cancel any and all tasks that are present.

Additional Information

Cancelling the Change Order/Request ticket is also the best way to overcome any workflows that have experienced issues, such as any that are in a "Waiting" state and cannot proceed further.

If the idea is to Cancel out the entire Change Order when a specific Workflow Task is set to Rejected, one could create an event on the given Workflow Task that sends an instruction out to cancel out the Change Order.  The instruction to cancel the CO could be delivered via PAM process, maileater, or Web Services coding.

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