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What are the security, performance, and bypass rules for each Content Security Policy protection level?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Starting in SGOS 7.x, you can enable a built-in Content Security Policy layer. Refer to the "Using Policy Services" chapter in the SGOS Administration Guide and the ProxySG Security Best Practices document.

Note that some Content Security Policy features require the specified subscriptions or settings:

  • URL category detection requires a Symantec WebFilter subscription or Intelligence Services Basic or Advanced subscription.
  • URL threat risk level detection requires an Intelligence Services Advanced subscription.
  • URL Web Application detection requires the CASB Audit AppFeed (with Intelligence Services).
  • Streaming protocol handoff must be enabled for detection of streaming clients.


The following table summarizes the security, performance, and what gets bypassed with each protection level.

Security Level/Policy Condition Types Recommended Strong Maximum
Performance Level High Medium/High Low
Risk Tolerance High Medium Low
Safety Net (Always Scan) Security categories; Categories: None, File Storage, Email, Compromised Sites; all URLs with Risk Level >=5
Policy Condition Types for Bypassing
URL Category Radio/Audio Streams, Audio/Video Clips, TV/Video Streams None
URL Threat Risk Level Threat Risk Levels 1 - 2  
Web Application Name



Microsoft, Apple, Symantec Updates

Low Risk/High Volume Apps

High Volume/Low Risk Content: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook


Microsoft, Apple, Symantec Update
True File-Type JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, ICO None
Streaming Client Windows_media, real_media, quicktime, ms_smooth adobe_hds, apple_hls None
URL Domains Stock Tickers, AV Signature Update Domains