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Resource Not Found error after user confirmation on Phishing Readiness training page


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Phishing Readiness


You are sending a test mail for your Phishing Readiness assessment and you get  'Resource Not Found' error after user confirmation on training page.

Resource Not Found


Symantec Phishing Readiness


This is by design and the error only occurs when using the 'Send Test Mail' function while the assessment is still in 'Draft' state, because the resource is not linked to a live assessment.


Begin the Assessment by clicking the 'Schedule' option during Assessment Setup.

To test the functionality of the submission form and reporting, you may schedule a 'dummy' assessment with a test target group for a very limited time range. You will then receive the mail with the correct submission form which will be linked to a live assessment.

After viewing the training video on the Training Page the user can 'Confirm' via the following form:


Which will direct to the page below:


For further information regarding Phishing Readiness Assessements please review Symantec Phishing Readiness FAQ