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"SSL problem: Remote host closed connection during handshake Double-check settings" error when using a proxy with collector


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Symantec Integrated Cyber Security Exchange (ICDx) on Ubuntu has a collector that needs a proxy to connect.


Email Module - Terminating application with exit status 125 due to: SSL problem: Remote host closed connection during handshake Double-check settings:

* Start Date/Time: "2019-02-12T12:01:00.000Z"

* Calculated UTC-based Start Date/Time: "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ"

* Username: XXXXXXX

* Password (not shown)

* Data Feed: all Full Data Feed URL: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* Read Interval (ms): 100

* Idle Interval (ms): 60000

* Use Proxy: true Proxy settings:

* HTTP Proxy Environment Variable: https_proxy

* HTTP Proxy Host: https://HOSTNAME:PORT

* HTTP Proxy User not specified

* HTTP Proxy Insecure Environment Variable: https_proxy_insecure

* HTTP Proxy Insecure Environment Value: true Calculated HTTP Proxy Insecure Flag: true


Ensure that /etc/environment uses the following format for proxy:

http_proxy="http://proxy name or IP:port/"
https_proxy="http://proxy name or IP:port/"
HTTP_PROXY="http://proxy name or IP:port//"
HTTPS_PROXY="http://proxy name or IP:port//"

For more information, please refer to the Administration Guide for the version of ICDx installed.