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Rapid Release enters a state where it no longer updates definitons for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE)


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange



Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) 7.9.x is configured to update definitions utilizing Rapid Release.  At some random point SMSMSE definitions no longer are showing as updated even though the Antivirus license is still active.



An unexpected condition prevents Rapid Release from creating the next VirusDefs(sequence number) folder within <install dir>\symantec\smsmse\7.9\server\definitions\antivirus\.  After this condition occurs the extraction process of the Rapid Release package uses an all lowercase path as a destination which creates the folder as virusdefs(sequence number).

From the Intelligent Updater Log:

Thu Nov 22 15:34:25 2018 : UNRAR EXTRACT SUCCESS: Succesfully extracted to c:\program files\symantec\smsmse\7.9\server\definitions\antivirus\virusdefs00000024

Directory now contains:

  • VirusDefs00000023
  • virusdefs00000024

All subsequent Rapid Release attempts identify the correctly formatted folder VirusDefs(sequence number) as the current package.  It will then attempt the process of creating the folder next in the sequence but due to it already existing the process aborts.



(Note:  This solution applies to SMSMSE 7.9.0 & 7.9.1 only)

A hotfix has been created that performs a check of the VirusDefs folder case prior to Rapid Release completion.

1.  Navigate to:  <install dir>\symantec\smsmse\7.9\server\definitions\antivirus\ and rename the virusdefs(sequence number) to VirusDefs(sequence number)
2.  Download the attached hotfix
3.  Back up “SAVFMSELive.exe” from location <InstallDir>::\SMSMSE\7.9\Server
4.  Copy “SAVFMSELive.exe” from 4238864_HF to <InstallDir>::\SMSMSE\7.9\Server



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