Error: "Prerequisites have not been met” when trying to install DLP cubes
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Error: "Prerequisites have not been met” when trying to install DLP cubes


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IT Analytics


When trying to install the Symantec DLP cubes after installing the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Content Pack, the following error is displayed:

Prerequisites have not been met

The following error is also returned by the stored procedure spITAnalytics_DLP_CreateViews:

OLE DB provider "OraOLEDB.Oracle" for linked server "ITANALYTICS_DLP_ITANALYTICS_<hostname>_PROTECT" returned message "ORA-00904: "MESSAGEORIGINATOR"."ENDPOINTUSERNAME": invalid identifier".


IT Analytics for Symantec Data Loss Prevention 2.9.x


The @DLP_Version variable is not being set correctly by the stored procedure spITAnalytics_DLP_CreateViews to interpret the installed DLP version.


To resolve this issue by updating spITAnalytics_DLP_CreateViews, follow this procedure:

  1. Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), connect to the database engine hosting the ITAnalytics database
  2. In Object Explorer, navigate to Databases > ITAnalytics > Programmability > Stored Procedures
  3. Locate and right-click the stored procedure spITAnalytics_DLP_CreateViews and select Modify to generate an ALTER script in a new query editor window
  4. In the new query editor window, locate the following section of code and edit it per the instructions in red text:
    if @TABLE_COUNT = 0
    SELECT @DLP_Version = '10.6'
    SET @DLP_OPENQUERY = 'SELECT @DLP_Version = ISNULL(LEFT([VERSION],4), 11.0) FROM OPENQUERY('+ @LinkedServerName + ',''select version from ' + @DLPDatabaseOwner + '.ENFORCEVERSION where ISCURRENTVERSION = ''''Y'''' '')'
    EXEC sp_executesql @DLP_OPENQUERY, N'@DLP_Version decimal(3,1) out', @DLP_Version OUTPUT;


    Set @DLP_Version = 'xx.x'  --Add this line, where xx.x equals the major DLP version integrated (e.g. '15.7')
    if @FirstServer = 0
  5. Execute the script by pressing the F5 key, selecting Execute from the Query menu, or clicking the Execute button in the toolbar

If you require assistance with this procedure, please open a support case with Broadcom.