Aex-swscan-bin consumes 100% of Central Processing Unit(CPU)
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Aex-swscan-bin consumes 100% of Central Processing Unit(CPU)


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Inventory Solution


Aex-swscan-bin consumes almost 100% of CPU when inventory is run on Mac or Linux computer



Inventory Solution


This is normal behavior on Mac and Linux operating systems (OS's); when no other process is using much CPU the OS will not limit a process that can use the rest of the CPU. This will occur even if the System resource usage setting in the Advanced Options of an inventory policy/task is set to Very Low. The System resource usage setting only affects the priority of the aex-swscan-bin process on Linux and Mac OS's.


Follow steps mentioned in article aex-swscan-bin Uses Almost 100% CPU. If issue does not resolve then consider to execute "fsck" on the problem client machine. This will fetch details of corrupted files. After running repair, the issue related to Aex-swscan-bin consuming high CPU should get resolved.