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Run a filtered packet capture on SSLV appliance through GUI running versions 4.x.


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


The purpose of this article is to provide the steps required to run a filtered packet capture from the GUI of an SSLV device running versions 4.x. 


Go Through the Web GUI:

Go to Monitor > Packet Capture

Go to Packet Capture Settings then click on pencil icon.

Edit Packet Capture Settings by selecting the interfaces that you would like to perform the capture on, enter the filter expression that you would like to use, and enter the Duration in (seconds) you would like to perform the capture for then click OK

Go to Packet Capture Status box then click Start Packet Capture icon.

Reproduce the issue that you are experiencing then click Stop icon.

Go to Packet Capture Status box then click Download Archive icon.

Go to MySymantec Portal and upload the Packet Capture to the support ticket.