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Can I Use One Email Address for Multiple Admin Accounts in Web Security Service?


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


You want to use the same email address for multiple admin accounts in Web Security Service (WSS).


Web Security Service


This is not something that can be done. Email addresses must be unique for each user created. Therefore, one email address cannot be used to create multiple admin or user accounts in WSS. Multiple differing email addresses are needed to create multiple admin or user accounts.

NOTE: If the applicable organization managing the multiple WSS accounts permits, an alternative option would be to create an email alias of the same email account to use for the admin account. This would allow for a unique email address to be used to create the admin account, but the emails sent to the admin account would go to the same email address.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to obtain permission from applicable authorized personnel in the organization that is managing the multiple WSS accounts permits before moving forward with the alternative mentioned above.