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The Management Console is down


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IT Management Suite


  • Console is not opening in browser. "This page can't be displayed"
  • When ever reset the default web site in IIS (IIS, Server name> Default WebSite >> choose 'Restart' in the right pane),   then Reset IIS, page will be opened.
  • But again when someone try to open the console from a computer except from NS it self, it crashes. So  console won't be displayed from NS as well. Then  resetting the site and IIS would run it again!


Error in IE: "This Page can't be displayed" "Make sure the web address' Server name (Not the altiris) is correct' "
So it could not reach the site root in  IIS server at all.



Low level mapping are somehow impacted and reflecting value in IIS settings.


Ran command: netstat -anob  
Which confirmed that the low level mapping are somehow impacted and reflecting value as, instead of   
Once Root case identified, we tried below command to delete BAD mapping and add the right one.
To see mapping:
netsh http show iplisten
Delete old mapping:
netsh http delete iplisten ipaddress=
Add new mapping:
netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=
Did a server reboot after this.