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Endpoint Cloud Connect Defense (CCD) – WSS Integration


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


CCD-WSS integration offers the following security and network integrity features.

  • Network Integrity for Detection of Risky or Malicious Wi-Fi and Carrier Networks
    Prevents employees from connecting to suspicious or rogue Wi-Fi networks or spoofed carrier networks.
  • Smart VPN for Network Privacy, Protection, and Compliance
    Ensures that employees network communication is secured to protect them from attacks or to guard selective corporate resource access.
  • Comprehensive Web Security
    Integration with your Web Security Service account ensures that employees cannot access malicious web sites and adhere to your already defined web use policies.



Enable WSS as a provider

  1. Log in to your Web Security Service console
  2. Navigate to Service  mode > Account Maintenance > Integrations
  3. Click New Integration
  4. Select Symantec Endpoint Suite
  5. Click on New Token or edit an existing token
  6. Copy the Integration Token and keep in the clipboard or record it. You will need this token in the next procedure.

The first part of the token should be used (highlighted part in the example) as the integration token. e.g. 04ad72eacadf4eb4a34r3f4e83a20c0badf-=xfDlGrw)Dn|<[DKp.EqovNJNE([o={Jd#*F-10

  1. Login to the Cyber Defense Manager console
  2. Navigate to Endpoint tab > Settings (gear icon) > Web Security Service Integration
  3. Enable Web Security Service Integration.
  4. Paste the WSS Integration Token.
  5. Click Save

Install Symantec Endpoint CCD client

Installing the Symantec Endpoint Cloud Connect Defense client on Windows 10 devices

Note: Install the CCD client only after the WSS Integration has been enabled in the CCD portal, otherwise the VPN profile on the client will have CCD server details instead of WSS server details. In case you end up running into this case, then uninstall and install the CCD app once again.

Deployment Methods

Install manually through the Microsoft Store

Use this method to send an email message to the users with a link download and install the client installation package from the Microsoft Store to their Windows 10 devices.

Distribute Through Microsoft InTune

  1. Obtain the CCD app from the Microsoft Store. Search for Symantec Cloud Connect Defense
  2. Add the app to your Microsoft Business Store Portal (BSP).
  3. Sync InTune with your BSP to make the CCD app available for assignment.
  4. To enable automatic CCD app enrollment, create a Custom Settings Profile.
    • Enter the provided CCD Customer ID.
    • Enter Domain ID
    • Enter the WSS Integration Token previously obtained.
  5. Assign the CCD app and Custom Profile to users or groups.
  6. Launch the CCD app on the device.
  7. The CCD app auto-enrolls and the CCD portal displays the device.

MS Reference: Windows 10 app deployment using Microsoft Intune.