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Setting iXP in HA


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CA Workload Automation Agents



Customer has requested that the current single instance of IXP have a second node added to allow local HA. The IXP instance is live and includes a rights model and numerous reports, so preserving the configuration is vital.


You can also periodically copy user/group definitions and filter definitions from the "primary" iXp server to the DR one by using "rsync"(Linux), "xcopy" (Windows) or other file syncing utilities.

To copy over the iXp files to another directory, you will need these directories/files, on top of the default iXp installation image :


Additionally, the server.conf file in $IXP_HOME/etc directory can be updated or copied based on the desired settings and specific license key.

The gui.conf and cli.conf files in $IXP_HOME/etc directory can be copied over if they are different than the default ones.

After copying over the "etc" files, please restart Tomcat.


Component: ASAGT