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Moonshine service not accessible from the command line 'service' command


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Messaging Gateway


The Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.7 release lists the Disarm service as "Moonshine" in the Administration > Configuration > Services page. The service which provides Disarm filtering may be stopped and started from this page but there is no "moonshine" target for the command line (CLI) service command. Attempting to stop the "moonshine" service from the command line results in an error indicating that the moonshine service could not be found.

smg> service moonshine status
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status moonshine.service
Unit moonshine.service could not be found.


Access to the disarm service target from the CLI service command will be addressed in a future release.

Additionally, the "moonshine" service will be referred to with the expected filtering service name "Disarm" with future releases.