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Web Viewer 12.1 ConfigTool may not work using System Level External Configuration


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Output Management Web Viewer


The ConfigTool may not run or may end unexpectedly.


Release: Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW


CAOMWV12_HOME must be set for UNIX, Linux and USS.


If you are using System Level External Configuration, an environment variable named CAOMWV12_HOME is required. You set the environment variable to the path of your Web Viewer install home or the parent directory of your configuration directory. The Web Viewer installer automatically creates an environmental variable except on USS, Linux, or UNIX. If you copy the configuration tool to another computer you will need to create the CAOMWV12_HOME variable there also.

Important! In all cases, the home variable must point to the configuration folder parent. Be sure to use /config not /util/config. Point to the parent of the /config folder that contains the properties files used by Web Viewer. Note that there may be a second folder with the same name config, /util/config, that contains the properties files the ConfigTool uses, do not set the home variable to the parent of this lower-level folder. Refer to CAOMWV12_HOME Environment Variable.

If you are using System Level External Configuration, set the CAOMWV12_HOME variable on your system.


If you are running Tomcat as a started task, the variable should be specified in the Tomcat JCL.


If you are using a System Level External Configuration, you must set the CAOMWV12_HOME variable within WebSphere. You set up a new environment variable named CAOMWV12_HOME in the Java and Process Management > Process definition > Environment Entries section of your Application Server. Then, restart your WebSphere server in order for the setting to take effect.

Important! Add CAOMWV12_HOME as an environment variable not as a property in order for Web Viewer to recognize CAOMWV12_HOME.