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"Unable to determine path" error when using wildcards with sav manualscan for Endpoint Protection for Linux


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Endpoint Protection


When you use wildcards with a ./sav manualscan command for Symantec Endpoint Protection for Linux, you see the error "Unable to determine path."

For example, the following command:

./sav manualscan /testFolder/*

May result in this response:

Unable to stat file: /testFolder/*

Unable to determine path


Glob expansion is off, or the path with the wildcard is in quotes.

  • The command ./sav manualscan does not support wildcards if glob expansion is off.
  • If you enclose the path with the wildcard within quotes, such as '/testFolder/*', the glob expansion for that particular command turns off, even if glob expansion is on. 


To turn on glob expansion:

  1. In a terminal window, enter: 
    set +o noglob
    Elevated privileges are not required.
  2. Enter the ./sav manualscan command. For example:
    ./sav manualscan /testFolder/*

To enclose a path with quotes for ./sav manualscan, use an absolute path with no wildcards. Absolute paths that do not contain wildcards work fine if they are enclosed with quotes.