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Cannot reroute a queued message in Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


After attempting to reroute a queued message to an alternate hostname or IP address the message is neither delivered to the new route nor can it be rerouted a second time. Listing the unrouteable messages via the command line mta-control delivery num-msgs-by-rcpt-all-routes command shows that the destination route contains a leading space:

smgsc1> mta-control delivery num-msgs-by-rcpt-all-routes
Route: []:25:25


A leading space was entered into the New Route field when the messages were first re-routed. This leading space prevents the messages from being delivered to the new route and also prevents the messages from being re-routed a second time.


Messages routed to an incorrectly formatted IP address or hostname cannot be delivered from Messaging Gateway and will eventually bounce when their queue lifetime has been reached.

This issue has been resolved by SMG 10.7 and all leading or trailing white space is removed from the new route when re-routing messages from the delivery queue.