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What subscription licenses can be added to Content Analysis System (CAS)?


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Content Analysis Software - CA


You want to know what subscription licenses can be added to Content Analysis System (CAS). 


The Content Analysis licensable components are grouped by type: 

  • Base-The license to operate your Content Analysis appliance.

  • Antivirus-The available antivirus vendor licenses: Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, and Sophos.

  • Sandboxing-Three components are available. Sandbox Broker forwards traffic to a configured external sandbox appliance or service. On-box Sandboxing performs the analysis in one or more virtual machines on the Content Analysis appliance (not supported on virtual appliance or CAS-S200 models). Symantec Cloud Sandboxing is a cloud-based service (not supported on CAS-V100).

  • Predictive Analysis-Scanning services that use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and block malware. Two services are supported: Symantec Advanced Machine Learning and Cylance.

  • Hash Reputation-Two components are included with the File Inspection license: File Reputation (formerly Whitelisting) and Custom Whitelist/Blacklist.