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USB mass storage devices don't respond as expected with Endpoint Protection 15


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Endpoint Protection Endpoint Security


You have the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client installed to a Windows device, and it is managed by the cloud portal (version 15). You added Device Control rules for USB mass storage external devices through a Device Control policy.

However, your USB mass storage devices don’t respond as expected. Existing rules pertaining to USB devices don’t seem to apply correctly.


A conflict exists between the following rules, which all apply to the Windows USB mass storage external device:

  • Rules created for USB mass storage with classId using Windows > External Devices
  • Rules created for USB mass storage with the device instance ID using Windows > USB mass storage

In such cases, those rules created under Windows > External Devices take precedence over those created under Windows > USB mass storage.


For USB mass storage external devices, create rules under the Windows > USB mass storage option.