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Unable to install GSS Web Console and IPXE- Installer won't accept credentials for install


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Ghost Solution Suite


You are in the process of installing the Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.3 Web Console or IPXE components.

During the install you get to a point which asks you to enter a Windows Account Credential having Database Access.

Even though you enter the correct credentials and you can access the database engine with those credentials, authentication fails.

You get the error message below even though you used the correct credentials:


GSS 3.3 web console install. 
GSS 3.3 Ipxe Install.


The method that the GSS component installer checks for validity of the credentials can be unexpected if the FQDN\username format isn't used.  


The GSS web console and IPXE installers should match the version of the ghost console.   As of this update the GSS console is able to be updated to 3.3 RU2.   After updating to 3.3 RU2 then the WebConsole ru2 or iPXE version ru2 can be installed.   

As a workaround try all combinations of the user name like the following examples. 

This way the installer validates credentials will be modified in later releases so that valid credentials won't be flagged incorrectly as not valid.