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How to set documents to view only in Web Isolation


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Web Isolation


We wish to prevent users from being able to download select files when going through Isolation and instead only allow them to view files.


The default "Document Isolation Download Rule" will need to be modified, in the rule we will need to Modify the Download profile. We will create a new download profile we can set the name to View documents only. In the File types section we will modify the files we wish users to only be able to view by setting them to "Block". Once this is set to block by default files that can be viewed will be sent to the viewer and any attempts to download them will result in the a Download blocked message appearing. Using the Block option allows us to prevent users from downloading files however they will still be able to view them in the Fireglass document viewer.



  1. Browse to the Threat Isolation Management console
  2. Click into the Policies section and expand My Policy
  3. Locate the Document Isolation Download Rule within the list of rules
  4. Click the Edit button (Pencil icon)
  5. Scroll down to the Action section and click the + icon beside Download Profile
  6. Click Download Profile
  7. In the new window click the FILES TYPES tab
  8. Choosing from the list of files set the Policy decision to Block
  9. Click UPDATE to save changes