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After upgrade to SMP 8.5 RU1 > Software Filters are not editable in Basic Query Mode


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IT Management Suite


After upgrade to SMP 8.5 RU1 > Software Filters are not editable in Basic Query Mode as was the case in SMP 8.1 RU5.

When Editing a software filter in the Filter Expressions Tab, Basic Query Mode, Rules are not Editable anymore as they were in 8.1 RU5.
The missing functionality is the ability to do freeform entry in the filter expression fields.  In previous versions the second field in the Filter Expressions feature was freeform so they could enter a domain,  a version, etc.

The customer is having issues with the following:

    1. Manage - Filters - selecting a cloned filter and then edit
    2. Query mode is set to query builder
    3. on the Filter expressions tab-selects Add condition 'And' or 'Or'
    4. dropdown boxes appear and selections are made
    5. once saved, he goes right back to the filter and into edit again and the ability to do any freeform data entry is missing, you only have the option to use the dropdown selection feature.

The customer uses the filter expressions to manage custom filters and needs the ability to edit version numbers.



SMP 8.5 RU1


Web controls issues. It is editable but was difficult to understand that. We made some improvements.


This issue has been reported to the Symantec Development team. A fix has been added to the ITMS 8.5 RU2 release.

There is a workaround for 8.5 RU1:

  1. click on one of 3 dropdowns (you can also click once again to hide the dropped down list),
  2. then press tab - you'll see the cursor appeared in the first field.
  3. After the second tab the cursor will move to the second field and, and once again - to the third field. Using keyboard you can edit the fields.