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Proxy settings are not restored when Web Traffic Redirection is disabled


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Endpoint Protection Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


When Symantec Endpoint Protection's (SEP) Web Traffic Redirection (WTR) feature is first enabled, it will backup the present proxy settings on the Windows operating system. This is done so that when the feature is disabled it can restore the prior configuration. When disabling WTR you find that proxy settings restored by SEP are incorrect.


Microsoft Windows


In some instances where WTR is enabled and disabled repeatedly, particularly with pre- WTR Engine content, SEP may back up incorrect proxy settings due to SEP not properly cleaning them up in a previous disable attempt. As a result, when disabling WTR the wrong settings are restored. This can disrupt web browsing.


WTR Engine version and newer address this behavior. If running an older engine version, run LiveUpdate on all SEP clients and retest.

Use the attached 'cleanup_old_settings.reg' to manually clean up all old settings. This will remove any previous settings including ones that may be populated by users or GPO. Note: Disable WTR before running the reg file.

As always, backup the registry before making any changes to the registry on your Windows system.


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