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Why is the Export to Excel (Data Only) option on the Project Hierarchy Tab producing multiple rows in the excel sheet for each project instance?


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Multiple rows are unexpectedly created in an Export to Excel (Data Only) option from the Project Hierarchy Tab.

When you view the Hierarchy page, it is expected to see two rows per child investment - one row for the Rollup row and one row for the child investment 'Self' data. The view has a rollup row so that it can 'rollup' child investments that also have child investments further into the hierarchy.

The Export to Excel action should match the rows that show in the application UI.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to a Project that contain Children Projects
  2. Navigate to the Project Hierarchy Tab
  3. Perform 'Export to Excel Data Only'

Expected Results: Two line items per child project - one for the rollup row, one for the 'Self' row
Actual Results: Four line items (a duplicate of each of the 2 possible expected ones)



None.  The extra rows in the export could be manually removed by the user.

Resolved in CA PPM 14.1


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus