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Endpoint Protection Client cannot connect to SEPM. "Couldn't resolve proxy name"


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Endpoint Protection


Endpoint Protection Client cannot connect to the Endpoint Protection Manger. 

In troubleshooting under "Server Connection Status" the error "Couldn't resolve proxy name" is displayed. 

Secars test passes. 

Telnet passes. 

Import sylink does not resolve the issue. 

Import Profile from a healthy client does not resolve the issue. 

In troubleshooting under "Server Connection Status" the error "Couldn't resolve proxy name" is displayed. 


[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.502482] [DEBUG] Attempting connection to server ***.***.***.***
[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.502482] [INFO ] CallOneServer: Heartbeat pass <1> for ***.***.***.***
[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.502482] [DEBUG] Heartbeat status: [complete: false] [successful: false]
[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.504483] [WARN ] empty agentID

[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.513483] [DEBUG] Current system proxy is: 

[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.513483] [DEBUG] Setting CURL to use system proxy = 

[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.534489] [DEBUG] Interrupted while downloading /secreg/secreg.dll?l=2

Downloaded 0 and uploaded 0 bytes.

[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.534489] [INFO ] Heartbeat failed

[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.535488] [DEBUG] Heartbeat status: [complete: true] [successful: false]

[2019-Apr-05 11:50:12.535488] [WARN ] Failed to connect to server ***.***.***.***. UnknownHostException



[2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.109075]  0 5 [-Registration] 2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.108080 2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.109075 0 4298
[2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.125078]  0 5 [-Registration] 2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.118077 2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.125078 7 4300
[2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.135078]  0 5 [-Registration] 2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.134079 2019-Apr-05 11:50:28.135078 0 4302


Confirm Correct Proxy settings on the client.
Proxy Setting in the Control Panel on Windows: 
1. Open Control Panel
2. click on Internet Options
3. click on the Connections tab
4. click on LAN settings at the bottom
5. Edit the Proxy Configuration as needed
Proxy Setting within the Environment Variables on Windows:
1. Click Start > Control Panel > System.
(If you are using Windows® 7 or Windows Vista® and are navigating from the Control Panel main window, click System and Security > System.)
The System Properties dialog box opens.
2. Click the Advanced Systems Settings tab.
3. Click Environment Variables.
The Environment Variables dialog box opens.
4. In the System Variables area look for any items relating to "Proxy"
5. Modify or delete as needed. 
Proxy Setting in a Mac OS: 
1. Open System Preferences
2. Click on Network
3. Select the connected or active network connection
4. Click on the Advanced button
5. Click on the Proxies tab
6: Modify or Remove proxies as necessary
Proxy Setting within the Environment Variables on a Mac:
Environment variables on a Mac must be specified in the environment .plist file located here: ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
The variables must be specified using the following syntax:
Proxy=<proxy IP address or host>:<proxy port>
For example: