Collecting WPP logs with SymDiag
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Collecting WPP logs with SymDiag


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Endpoint Protection


Support has asked for WPP logs to be collected through the SymDiag tool.



All Windows OS


Download SymDiag here. Download SymDiag to detect product issues​ (SymDiag)

  1.  Run SymDiag.exe (with administrative rights) and accept the EULA
  2.  Select Option 2: "Collect Data for Support"

  3.  Select the product: "Endpoint Protection > Client" if you need to gather data for SEP client or/and "Endpoint Protection > Console" if you need to gather data for the on-prem SEPM; then click Next

  4. For Data Type, select "All data"
  5. For Debug Logging, select "Endpoint Protection Client" and/or "Endpoint Protection Manager" (depending on the product(s) selected in step 3). The default timer is 10 minutes, however you should change the timer value to allow yourself enough time to reproduce the issue/error.

  6. Click Advanced.. for additional configuration of WPP.

    Choose Trace Level: Verbose. Click OK, and Next.

    Advanced settings for Endpoint Protection Client will also allow you to enable WPP Reboot Logging, to debug issues present only during startup.

  7. Unless asked by support to not include "Data collection options for Operating System", please uncheck these items, if checked. Click Next

  8. The timer will begin to count down. In this time, please reproduce the error/issue. Once reproduction of error/issue is completed, click next and confirm the issue has been reproduced. You do not need to wait for the timer to end to proceed once the issue has been reproduced.

  9.  Allow SymDiag to complete the rest of the log captures

  10. You can Open or Update a Support Case by Log in to My Case - Broadcom support portal or Save Diagnostic file locally