How can I set default Workshifts on the [Notifications] tab of the Contact Detail screen?
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How can I set default Workshifts on the [Notifications] tab of the Contact Detail screen?


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When we create a new Contact by clicking on <Create New> button, the 'Workshifts for Notification Method' field on [Notification] tab shows "empty".

This document explains how to specify a Workshift in the field as the default value.



Release:  14.1 and higher
Component: CA Service Desk Manager


In order to set default 'Workshifts for Notification Methods' on the [Notification] tab of the Create New Contact screen, customizations is required. Please follow the steps below.

Note: Modifying schema and forms using a means other than GUI operations in Web Screen Painter is not supported.

  1. Create a new *.mod file, e.g. zcontact.mod, under the $NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic folder.

  2. At the Command Prompt, run the following command.
            pdm_extract Bop_Workshift > workshift.dat
  3. Open the output file, workshift.dat, find the persid of the Workshift that you would like to specify as a default value.

    e.g. For Workshift "24 Hours".
    { "0" ,"24x7 Hours" ,"4602" ,"" ,"" ,"wrkshft:4602","Sun - Sat { 12:00 am - 12:00 am }" ,"24 Hours" } 
    You can find that the persid for "24 Hours" is "wrkshft:4602".

  4. Add the Workshift setting with the persid to mod file.
          MODIFY cnt notify_ws1 ON_NEW DEFAULT 'wrkshft:4602'; 
    If you would like to set "24 Hours" for all 'Workshifts for Notification Methods', please add the lines in *.mod file as per below
    MODIFY cnt notify_ws1 ON_NEW DEFAULT 'wrkshft:4602';   
    MODIFY cnt notify_ws2 ON_NEW DEFAULT 'wrkshft:4602';
    MODIFY cnt notify_ws3 ON_NEW DEFAULT 'wrkshft:4602';
    MODIFY cnt notify_ws4 ON_NEW DEFAULT 'wrkshft:4602';
  5. Recycle Service Desk for the change to take effect.

You will now be able to see "24 Hours" is shown as the default 'Workshifts for Notification Methods' by default.


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