Viewing and managing agent groups in DLP.
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Viewing and managing agent groups in DLP.


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What are agent groups used for in DLP?
And how are they applied and evaluated?


Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


You can use agent groups to enable logical grouping of your endpoint computers based on conditions. Agent groups can be based on

  • Agent attributes
  • Endpoint Server names
  • Endpoint host names


Agents are evaluated and included in groups based on a priority ordering of conditions. The conditions are, from highest priority to lowest:

  1. An agent host name that is in the "Always include" list in the agent group definition.
  2. An agent that connects to an Endpoint Server group, when a corresponding Endpoint Server group exists.
  3. An agent group with a user defined attribute, where the agent satisfies its group condition.


For example, an agent belongs to both the "Endpoint host name group" and the "Agent attribute" based group. Since the Endpoint host name group has highest priority among all three types of groups, the agent belongs to Endpoint host name group.

Check agent group status and manage agent groups from the System > Agents > Agent Groups screen. To view agent group conflicts, click "View Agent Group Conflicts" on the right-hand side of the screen.

Information about agent groups is divided into several columns on this page. You can click any column header to sort entries alphanumerically in that column. Click the column header again to sort in reverse order.

Use these options to perform the following actions:

  • New - Create a new agent group.
  • Delete - Delete the selected agent groups.
  • Enable - Enable the selected agent groups.
  • Disable - Disable the selected agent groups.
  • Assign Configuration - Assign a configuration to created or updated agent groups.
  • Update Configuration - Update a configuration for the selected agent groups.
  • Filters - Reorganize this list of agent groups for easier viewing.