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Data Protection policy customize notification emails


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With the Email Security.Cloud product, when you want to customize the wording used in a data protection policy notice email, and also if you want notices to go to the sender or recipient


To change the notices for a specific policy In the Symantec cloud portal, go to Services > Data Protection and choose an existing policy or create a new one. In the first section, on the "Notification: Administrator" line, click Edit.

This screen allows you to select which persons will be notified when the policy has a match. (The Administrator, Sender, Recipient(s), or any combination of the three.)

If customization of the message itself is desired for the notice emails, check the box at the top of the edit page that says "Use custom notification". Then select custom instead of default in the pull-down menu for the notice that needs to be customized.


To change the default notices, go to Services > Data Protection > and click the Settings button.