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Messaging Gateway Error 800414 When Adding a New Directory Data Source


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Messaging Gateway


When attempting to add a new data source under Administration > Directory Integration, an error is presented when the 'Test Login' button is clicked.

ERROR - An error occurred while accessing the Directory Data Service. Check the Control Center and DDS logs for details. DDS error code: 800414


Typically, this is due to a firewall blocking the connection the LDAP source.

The 'ldapsearch' command from the Messaging Gateway command-line may help in troubleshooting this type of issue.

Test connectivity between an Active Directory server and Messaging Gateway using ldapsearch


Verify that there is no firewall blocking the request from the Messaging Gateway.

Verify that the LDAP source is accepting the request from the Messaging Gateway.

For additional assistance, please contact Symantec Technical Support. Be prepared to provide a diagnostic from the Messaging Gateway.