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General Information regarding Repository for Symantec Data Center Security (DCS)


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


This Article discusses general information about Repository for Symantec Data Center Security (DCS) & repository status


Unix / Linux Red Hat Operating Systems with Data Center Security Agent 6.7 MP2 or greater


  • The concept of DCS repository & DCS kernel module (kmod) was introduced with DCS 6.7 MP2 to easily make compatible certain Unix Operating Systems such as Red Hat with the DCS agents by simply installing or upgrading to the suitable kmod version that makes the agent compatible with the relevant agent.
  • DCS repository is enabled by default at agent installation or upgradation, unless purposefully disabled.

For Red Hat Linux & most Unix systems:

  • The default repository location for all repositories is /etc/yum.repos.d/. The DCS repository file, “sdcss.repo” is created at this location that contains the DCS repository information.
  • Note: There may be additional repositories present at this location related to redhat or other software.
  • To list out all the system repository settings, repositories & their individual settings, run: “yum-config-manager”
  • To check the status of the repositories (enabled/disabled etc..), run the command “yum repolist all”
  • The primary repository for DCS agent KMOD files can be accessed here: