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A bandwidth class object referenced in Visual Policy Manager (VPM) does not display in the Proxy Management Console under Bandwidth Management


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


A bandwidth class object is being used in the Visual Policy Manager, but the named object does not show up under Bandwidth Management > BWM Classes in the Proxy Management Console.

Because of this, the settings for the object cannot be determined.  This article will give two methods to resolve this issue.


The object was deleted from the BWM Classes in the Management Console while it was still referenced in policy.


Two options:

  1. Use the Visual Policy Manager (VPM)
    1. Management Console > Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager > Launch
    2. Click on the View dropdown menu
    3. Select "All Objects"
    4. Locate the object and attempt to remove it.
    5. If it is still referenced in a policy rule, it will have to be removed from policy first before it can be removed.
    6. Once the object is removed, click "Install policy" in the VPM and close the window
    7. Go to the BWM Classes and create a new Bandwidth Class
  2. Use the Command Line Interface (CLI)
    1. Use Secure Shell (SSH) to login to the proxy
    2. Enter Username and Password
    3. At the prompt type in:
      1. show bandwidth-management configuration
    4. Find the class and note the settings