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Process creates duplicate job logs where update instructions are executed twice which causes data inconsistencies


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Process creates duplicate job logs, update instructions are executed twice etc. which causes data inconsistencies.

This problem is reproducible in CA Clarity PPM 13.3 Generic Patch #5

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a parent process called "Call Father1" on project object and attach a gel script
  2. Gel script for "Call Father 1", should be invoking a process (Father Test), by looping on multiple project instances using startProcess tag. The gel script in "Call Father1", should be looping over some n number of project instances and in each iteration start a process created in step 3 "Father Test".
  3. Create a child process "Father Test" and attach a gel script. In this gel script, just put two log statements, one with start process and finish process, with a time delay as below.
    <g:log>${objectid}--Start Process Father</g:log>
    <util:sleep millis="2000"/>
    <g:log>${objectid}--Finish Process Father</g:log>
  4. Select a project of your choice
  5. Go to Available Process and run process "Call Father1"
  6. This will run in parallel, some n number of instances of process "Father Test" . Process "Father Test" is 3 line GEL script:
    write Start message (with gel :log)
    2 seconds delay
    write Finish message (with gel :log)
  7. Check the log for each of the n number instances of "Father Test" logs of today : (Administration - Initiated Processes).
Expected Result: No duplicate messages should be shown or no duplicate update instructions should be executed
Actual Result: Sometimes (randomly) you see duplicate messages like in this case (process Instance id=5002038)






Resolved in CA Clarity PPM 13.3 Generic Patch. Reference TEC605767
Resolved in CA PPM 14.1


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus

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