How can Configuration Item (CI) attributes, like 'memory capacity', 'processor type' etc. which come from ITCM, be saved in Service Desk tables?


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Several attributes present in ITCM discovered servers are not present in Service Desk CI once the Configuration Item has been imported in Service Desk. Is there a way to store them in Service Desk tables?


The attributes allowed for each Configuration Item depend on the Class/Family set for that Configuration Item.

An example is when the discovered asset is imported in Service Desk with 'Hardware.Server' Family and 'Server' Class: the Attributes tab of the Service Desk Configuration Item has a lot of items ('Memory Installed', 'Memory Capacity', 'Disk Capacity', etc.) not automatically filled by importing this Configuration Item in Service Desk CMDB.

The tables involved in this specific situation, inv_generalinventory_item for ITCM and ci_hardware_server are not handled when the CI is imported in Service desk and there is not an automatic way to populate this Service Desk table with the data coming from the ITCM table.

Only few items will be populated from ITCM for each CI, but there is the possibility to load data from ITCM in CMDB, using grloader.


Input file for grloader:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>

GRLoader command:

grloader -u useradministrator -p password -s http://localhost:8080 -i input.xml -n -a -E

Note: the parameters used are only an example.

In this way, once grloader has been executed, for the 'TestCI' Configuration Item there will be an entry in ci_hardware_server table with 'mem_capacity' set to 1024 and 'slot_total_mem' set to 4.


Release: SWAMFC059000-12.7-Software Asset Manager-Flow Control