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How to install the Security Content Updates manually


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


You can install the SCU manually on computers hosting the CCS components.
The SCU web package is used to update the following components:

  • CCS Application Server
  • CCS Manager
  • Target computers for agent less data collection

To update the target computers for agent-based data collection you must install the respective CCS.tpk packages on the target computers separately. The CCS.tpk packages can be found in the AgentContent folder on the Application Server after the SCU installation.


To install the Security Content Updates manually

  1. Download the CCS_11_1_<version number>_SCU_Win.exe located on the Symantec Security Response site to a known location.
  2. Double-click CCS_11_1_<version number>_SCU_Win.exe to extract the following files:

    CCS_11_1_APSCCSM_<version number>_SCU_Win.exe
    Execute CCS_11_1_APSCCSM_<version number>_SCU_Win.exe to apply SCU on the Application Server and the CCS Manager.

    CCS_11_1_CCSM_<version number>_SCU_Win.exe
    Execute CCS_11_1_CCSM_<version number>_SCU_Win.exe to apply SCU only on the CCS Manager.

  3. In the Welcome panel click Next.

  4. View the upgrade information in the Upgrade panel and click Next.

  5. Select the components to be installed in the Add Components panel and click Next.

  6. In the Licensing panel, review the existing licenses or click Add Licenses to add licenses for the components that require mandatory licenses to install. Click Next.

  7. In the Installation Folder panel, review the installation path for product installation. Click Next.

  8. In the Summary panel, review the installation details and click Install.

  9. In the Finish panel, click Finish after the installation is complete.