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Error: Failed to get request when trying to download the Host Categorization database in the SSL Visibility appliance


Article ID: 174109


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


Trying to download Host Categorization database on the SSLV “Failed to get request” error prompt.


This indicates the device is not able to communicate with and retrieve the database. Database download uses port 443 and uses the Management Interface.


  1. Access the appliance through SSH please run:

en  << To go enable mode
ping << To check general connectivity (google)
ping << To check connectivity to our BCWF servers

  1. Check your upstream devices, firewall configurations to allow the device to communicate with our server.
  2. Go to Monitor/ Packet Capture, Edit Packetcapture Settings (pen) and open a ticket with support to analyze the pcap.
    Management Interface Selected