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Analyzing bandwidth values for the client/proxy and proxy/server connections


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


How to interpret the variables cs-bytes, sc-bytes, sr-bytes and rs-bytes in ProxySG.


The ProxySG/ASG store the following values for bytes transferred; cs-bytes, sc-bytes, rs-bytes, sr-bytes

Client(C)    <--->    Proxy(S)    <--->   Server(R)
cs-bytes-------->                 sr-bytes-------->
<--------sc-bytes                 <--------rs-bytes

cs-bytes = bytes sent from client to proxy (upload)
sc-bytes = bytes received by client from proxy (download)

sr-bytes = bytes sent from proxy to server (upload)
rs-bytes = bytes received by proxy from server (download)


The default bcreportermain log format sends cs-bytes and sc-bytes.

Reporter interprets cs-bytes as Bytes Sent and sc-bytes as Bytes Received.