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How to configure CSAMPMUX (CA Connection Broker Service) on a Scalability Server with Unix Agents using port 4105 TCP for CAM communication?


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configuring CSAMPMUX on a Scalability Server with Unix Agents using CAM in TCP 4105


How to configure CSAMPMUX such that CAM messages on TCP port 4105 can be received?


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Consider the following Architecture:

Domain Manager (DM) configured with CAM TCP 4105
Scalability Server (SS) configured with CAM TCP 4105
Unix Agents linked to this SS and configured to use CAM TCP 4105

In this Architecture, camping from SS to Agents will not work because the CA Connection Broker (CSAMPMUX) listens on port TCP 4105 and routes the traffic on port TCP 7163.

Since, CA Connection Broker (CSAMPMUX) can be installed only on Windows and cannot be installed on the Unix Agents, the CAM messages are not received by CAM on the Unix machines.

The following csamconfigedit procedure configures the CSAMPMUX  on Unix Agents so that messages can be received on port 4105 TCP:

  1. csamconfigedit port=4105 EnablePmux=true PMUXLegacyPortListen=True PmuxLegacyPortBindAddress= PmuxLegacyConnect=True PmuxLegacyConnectMaximumDelay=5000

  2. caf stop
  3. cam change disabled
  4. camclose
  5. csampmux stop
  6. csampmux start
  7. cam change auto
  8. cam start
  9. caf start

"PMUXLegacyPortListen=True" option makes sure that the CA Connection Broker Service (CSAMPMUX) not only accepts PMUX connections but also listens on port 4105 TCP (the legacy port). It accepts the connections from CAM applications where CSAMPMUX is not enabled.

"PMUXLegacyPortBindAddress=" is to specify generic IPv4 address format.

"PmuxLegacyConnect=True" will tell the application (CAM) if it can fall back to connect on port 4105 if the connection on 7163 fails. This option makes sure that CAM on the ITCM server will be able to connect to CAM on the UNIX agents.

To display the updated CSAMPMUX configuration run:
'csamconfigedit port=4105 display'


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence