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How can a dump be generated when CA InterTest for CICS (InterTest) suppresses dumps for actively monitored tasks?


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During an active monitoring session CA InterTest for CICS may encounter a possible monitoring exception within an application program and, by design, will suppress any dumps which would normally be generated for any type of abend.

In most cases, monitoring a task with CA InterTest for CICS will sufficiently enable users to debug application programs. However, occasionally it may be necessary to generate the dump. It may be needed to provide additional information to help debug an application problem or when a dump is requested by CA InterTest for CICS technical support to help resolve a problem with the product itself.

What is needed to override the default dump suppression?


When CA InterTest for CICS is initialized, IN25HOOK is given control at the XDUREQ Global User Exit and will suppress any dumps for an actively monitored task. If CA InterTest for CICS encounters a monitoring exception, without this suppression in place, the dump would have to complete before any breakpoint display can be shown.

When a dump is suppressed in this manner, CICS will generate messages similar to the following:

DFHDU205 A11ICRVG A system dump for dumpcode: AP0001 was suppressed by the XDUREQ USER EXIT.


DFHDU0206I 09/08/2014 11:43:59 A11ICRVG A transaction dump for dumpcode: S0C7 was suppressed by the XDUREQ USER EXIT.

The CA InterTest for CICS dump suppression default can be overridden by entering the command
from a clear CICS display prior to executing the monitored task .

This command is normally password protected and if you receive the prompt
CAIN4599 CNTL password:
the default is $FUN.

Additional Information

The CNTL=DUMP command is discussed in the CA InterTest for CICS User's Guide.

The various InterTest passwords and their use are detailed in the CA InterTest for CICS Installation Guide



Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch