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The behavior of the Proxy VSWG/VA once its subscription license expires


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Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance SWG VA-100


You want to known the behavior of the Proxy VSWG/VA once its subscription license expires.


The Virtual Appliances of the ProxySG will not function upon the expiration of the subscription license if the Administrator licenses the Virtual Appliances on a subscription basis. This means that, in these cases, the network traffic will only be affected by the default policy set by the Administrator on the Proxy VSWG/VA (either Allow or Deny).
Note: Such cessation of functionality is by design, and is not a defect in the Virtual Appliances.
The Default Proxy Policy can be modified by following the steps below:
  1. Login to the Proxy VSWG/VA management console.
  2. Navigate to Configuration -> Policy -> Policy Options
  3. Depending on the default policy you need once your subscription license expires, set the default policy to be either "Allow" or "Deny" under the Default Proxy Policy section of the page.
  4. Click on the "Apply" button to save the changes.