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Stop and Start services for Cloud Data Protection


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The purpose of this article is to outline the proper procedure to stop/start Cloud Data Protection (CDP) services in a single or multi-node environment.


Starting services in the correct order is critical to allow all components to join the cluster successfully.

Starting services:

service cassandra start (version 4.13.2 or higher)
service apprtx_clustermgr start (version 4.12.6 or older)
service apprtx_server start
service apprtx_mc start
service apprtx_intserver start
service apprtx_comm_server start

Stopping services:

service apprtx_comm_server stop
service apprtx_intserver stop
service apprtx_mc stop
service apprtx_server stop
service apprtx_clustermgr stop (version 4.12.6 or older)
service cassandra stop (version 4.13.2 or higher)

Note: In a multi-node environment, fully bring up node 1 (primary server) before starting the services on the 2nd or 3rd etc... nodes.